Farewell to Nova Scotia

Tourists Enjoying Peggy's Cove LIghthouseWe were on the road back to Ontario bright and early yesterday morning.  After saying goodbye to Chris’s father, we hit the road for the Digby – St John ferry at 6 am.  Things had cooled off a little over the last few days which meant we had some early morning fog to deal with on our drive to the ferry terminal.  Our first stop in Digby was Tim Horton’s for take out breakfast and coffee.  We both like their new oatmeal with fresh fruit topping and I also added a cup of vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit on the side as well.  Made for a great hot & healthy breakfast as we sat in line waiting to board our ferry.  Our ferry left right on time and was only about a third full.  There was lots of room in the forward lounge for us to stretch out and relax with our iPads using the free on board wifi.  We were in St John by 11 am and heading west almost right away.  The weather wasn’t great but at least the rain held off and it remained cool.  Our destination was Levis, Quebec for the night and we pulled in at a Quality Inn around 6 pm.  There was quite a bit of construction along Hwy 2 near Edmunston, New Brunswick where they are twinning the highway.  It will be great once all is said and done though.  Lucky us, we hit Boston Pizza in Levis for supper on their pasta Tuesday night.  Two orders of Smokey Mountain Spaghetti with meatballs and a couple of cold beers with a $5 off coupon from our hotel made our twelve hour drive even more worthwhile.  It sure didn’t take long for the old eyeballs to close when we finally turned in around 9 pm.

Maritime SunsetWe enjoyed a deluxe continental breakfast at our hotel before hitting the road just before 8 am this morning.  We had planned on following Hwy 20 along the south side of the St Lawrence river from Quebec City to Montreal and then on into Kingston, Ontario for our next stopover.  Instead, we opted to cross the bridge at Quebec City to the north side of the St Lawrence and follow the river along Hwy 40 to Trois Rivieres and then on into Montreal.  A nice drive to be sure but a little more in the wilderness than along Hwy 20.  Not too many rest stops either.  The traffic flowed along pretty well through Montreal and before we knew it we were on Hwy 401 in Ontario.  We arrived in Kingston shortly after 2:00 pm and after a bit of lunch, we figured we may as well just keep going all the way back to Waterloo.  Toronto at rush hour is always a treat for drivers.  We thought we’d made it all the way through without getting bogged down in traffic but construction along Hwy 401 near the airport slowed us up considerably.  We still made it back to Waterloo and a quick stop at Costco for a few groceries before eventually getting home at 8 pm.  Teddy was at our neighbour’s across the street and was very excited to see us.  He didn’t stop quivering for about ten minutes as we fussed and fawned over him.  We traveled a total of 1764 km door to door in two days of driving.  The most expensive gas we bought was in Quebec in a small town west of Trois Rivieres where we paid $1.45/litre!  Ouch!  We were glad to see gas prices below $1.30/litre once we got back into Ontario.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse ReflectionA few more photographs from our stay in Nova Scotia are included in this our last post from Nova Scotia .  Peggy’s Cove of course and a shot of the evening sky at sunset in Margaretsville.  The last photo is my favourite.  I added about half an inch to the right margin of this photo in Photoshop CS6 and then used content aware fill to basically move detail into the new space.  I think it turned out pretty well.


  1. Mark September 26, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    Hi Jag,

    Actually I added about 1/4″ of blank canvas down the right margin and then used the free transform feature in Photoshop CS6 to fill in the blank canvas with detail from just to the left of the right margin. Works pretty slick really. I’ll try and do another post with the before and after shots in the coming days to give you a better idea.

  2. jag September 22, 2012 at 1:23 am #

    You said “I added about half an inch to the right margin of this photo in Photoshop CS6 and then used content aware fill to basically move detail into the new space.”
    Which photo? ‘Splain me. Show before and after?

  3. Bob September 21, 2012 at 5:45 am #

    At first I thought you were travelling in the motorhome, and I had trouble picturing you pulling into any Tim Horton’s. Never mind.
    I was also hoping to maybe see some pictures of the crossing. Any time we’ve ever crossed on that ferry, it’s been foggy. I still have no clue what the Digby gut looks like from out in the Bay.
    Funny thing too, I was born in Margaretville. We never used the “s” for some reason, but now I see they’ve stuck an “s” in there. It didn’t actually belong to anyone named Margaret, it was just named after her. At least that’s what my old man used to say.
    Happy Travels.