Margaretsville, Nova Scotia Sunset

We’ve been in Nova Scotia for about a week now and have had marvelous sunshine for the last four days with three more sunny days in the forecast.  Clouds are in the forecast for our departure on Tuesday of next week.  Chris and I have been out to Margaretsville on the Bay of Fundy twice so far in search of a nice sunset to photograph and have struck out each time.  Tonight was try number three and we were rewarded with a spectacular sunset.  This time Chris supervised from the comfort of the front passenger seat in the Vue while I trotted out to the rocky beach with my camera and tripod.  I grabbed a few shots of the lighthouse and also tried some full on sun shots as the sun was getting ready to dip below the horizon.  It’s hard to photograph this particular lighthouse at sunset because there are houses, so private property, all around it and the sun usually sets behind the small spit of land where the lighthouse sits making photography difficult at any time other than low tide.  Well today was our day for a wonderful sunset and low tide as well, so there was lots of space along the rocky beach for me to set up my tripod without getting wet.  I did manage to step into a small tidal pool with my sandals while setting up my camera…..but what’s a little cold salt water on bare feet to a photographer?  Here are a couple of shots from earlier this evening.

Margaretsville LighthouseMargaretsville Lighthouse

Both images are HDR images with exposures of +2, 0 & -2 EV combined in Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro 2 and post processed in Photoshop CS6 using Color Efex Pro.  The lighthouse image is my favorite of the two but I am a little disappointed at the halo around the lighthouse turret.  Not sure why it is there but I ran the three images through HDR Efex Pro two different times and the halo is evident each time.  I also tried to use content aware fill wth the spot healing brush to remove the power line on the left of the image but wasn’t happy how content aware fill muddied the pixels, so I left the power line in for now.  I’ll have another go at removing the power line once we get back to Ontario.

Sunset on Bay of FundyBay of Fundy Sunset

I had my Singh Ray Vari Duo ND filter on for this last shot which likely exaggerated the lens flare somewhat but I still like the effect in this image.  The slowest shutter speed of the three images used to compile this composite image was 1/13 sec, f 22, ISO 50.  I used Lightroom to upload these images to my Smugmug gallery at full resolution instead of the usual 1000 pixels on the long side.  This makes the file size a little larger but also lets readers see the original image in 2x and 3x sizes on Smugmug.  Please check out the bigger sized images on Smugmug and let me know what you think.

Lastly, the new iPhone 5 was announced by Apple yesterday with online ordering going live tonight at 12:01 AM, PDT.  Looks like yours truly will be awake early in Nova Scotia trying to order two new iPhones!  Christmas in September….who knew!!