More HDR from Rick Sammon’s Workshop

Abandoned Car in HDR

I’m slowly going through my images from this past weekend as time permits and am posting a few more shots today.  All of them are three exposure HDR.  There is just something about old cars and HDR. They certainly go well together.

The sun shone again yesterday and that gave us a chance to finally groom Teddy.  He was getting pretty shaggy before we left for Nova Scotia earlier this month so you can imagine how another three weeks of hair growth had him looking until he was groomed.  The technical term of endearment is “Hair Bag”.  Chris & I popped into see our vet just up the road from Green Acre Park near Heidelberg with Teddy last week.  Teddy is in great shape and has now been brought up to date with all his shots.  He even has a new rabies tag for his collar.  He did give us a little scare yesterday though as he seemed to be having trouble doing his business.  Going through the motions but no result….if you catch my drift.  Turns out his hairiness may have contributed to the trouble as we had to run him back to the vet yesterday afternoon who diagnosed partially blocked anal glands as the reason for his trouble.   Anyway, the vet expressed his glands and Teddy is now back to normal and we are $80 poorer.  Something for us to be aware in the future.

Derelict Car Interior

We did have a bit of excitement yesterday morning too.  As I raised our nightshades in the morning, I could see a sharp-shinned hawk sitting on top of the shepherd’s crook holding our bird feeder.  It was obviously hoping to intercept some of the sparrow, chickadees and nuthatches frequenting our feeder.  It flew off soon enough but two of them returned about an hour later.  One of them sat on top of the hedge where most of the smaller birds were nesting while the other hawk actually walked around the bottom of the hedge on the ground scoping out the situation, before actually hopping up inside the hedge to flush out a meal for his partner hawk above.  First time we ever witnessed this type of behaviour and it was very impressive to see.  I managed to get a few shots of the pair sitting on top of the hedge but haven’t processed them yet.  The photo below is taken from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation website.

Our other order of business yesterday was to order our new eyeglasses at Lenscrafters after dong the eye exam on Monday .  We spent about an hour picking frames, etc and our glasses should be available in about ten days.  Call me cynical perhaps, but has anyone else noticed that the cost of eyeglasses is always far greater than what medical plans will cover?  We both get new eyeglasses every two years and prices always seem to increase about $100 per pair for basically the same eyeglasses we had previously.  We went to Lenscrafters at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo mainly because we’ve used Lenscrafters in Ottawa for years.  I wasn’t overly impressed with the service at all but we got the job done and should have new shades in less than two weeks.

Rusty Pick Up LightsThat’s it for today.  I’m trying to increase readership on our blog so if you like the photos please recommend us to your friends.  Facebook ‘Likes’ or clicking on post links to Twitter, Google +, etc  are easy ways to do that.