Waterloo, Ontario to Kingston, Nova Scotia

So……what have we been up to since the last few days of August? Well Chris has been extremely busy as she accompanied Sarah on her return drive to Edmonton. A little over 3000 kms and these crazy girls did it in only three days! Someone must have been anxious to get back to school! Chris spent a few days with Sarah in Edmonon before flying back into Toronto on Sep 3rd whereupon we both hopped in the Vue on Sep 4th and promptly drove to Nova Scotia in three days. We are in Kingston, Nova Scotia for about two weeks spending time with Chris's parents.

Our first stop on the way here was at the Canon Camera Customer Service Center in Mississauga where I dropped off my 300 mm/2.8 lens for a recently released firmware update. The lens is still under warranty so the update was free. It was easier for us to drop it off on the way through Toronto than to ship it via courier. Canon told me it would be 5-10 business days to complete the update but it was finished yesterday and shipped back to Hanover free of charge. Way to go Canon! Pretty sure I won't be needing this lens while in Nova Scotia.

We continued eastward with overnight stops in Drummondville, QC and Woodstock, NB driving through some horrendous rain in southern Ontario but things cleared off nicely once we passed Oshawa. From there it was dry roads almost the entire way. Our plan was to surprise Chris's mother with a visit before we headed for Kingston and for that reason we opted to take the Saint John, NB to Digby, NS ferry across the Bay of Fundy instead of driving around. The ferry crossing took three hours and was mostly overcast so not too many pictures I'm afraid. We found ourselves a comfy spot in the forward lounge where we enjoyed a sandwich and coffee along with free wifi the entire trip.

Once arrived in Digby, NS we were shocked to see gas prices over the $1.40/litre mark….about $5.30/ US gallon without factoring in the conversion rate. Ouch! Glad we decided to leave Phaeton Place in Ontario this trip. It was a short drive to Bridgetown, NS where we popped in to the retirement home to visit Chris's mother. Her mom & dad were very glad to see us and we enjoyed a light supper together before pushing on to Kingston. Her mother is settling in nicely into her new surroundings.

Today was a chill day after a long drive with nothing on our agenda except picking up a few groceries and a nice roast beef supper at home. We did take a drive out to Magaretsville, NS after supper in hopes of seeing a nice sunset over the Bay of Fundy but all we saw was rain and low clouds unfortunately. Perhaps we'll have better luck tomorrow night.



  1. Anne September 12, 2012 at 5:49 am #

    If you are out Peggy’s Cove way and see the Adventure Bus at Bay Hammocks (in Seabright) stop and say hi. We are closed for the season and travelling around NS and PEI a bit but if we are here we would love to meet you.

    • Mark September 12, 2012 at 8:26 am #

      Hi Anne,

      We were in Peggy’s Cove yesterday! Sorry we missed you! We hope to go back once more perhaps later this week before the weather turns. Will stop in if we do.