A Beautiful Day in Doggy Heaven

Teddy Enjoying Fall Colours

It just doesn’t get much better than today as far as late October weather is concerned.  Sunny skies and 20C was perfect for finishing up our chores in shorts and T shirts before hitting the road on Thursday.  Chris tackled a bow to stern cleaning job inside Phaeton Place….vacuuming, dusting, windows, sinks, bathroom…..the while enchilada.  Teddy and I worked outside for most of the day and polished up the windows before emptying out the shed and stowing things in our storage bays.  Our touring bicycles are back on our Swagman bike rack at the rear of our motorhome.  I covered them up a little differently for our trip down south.  Even though we have a weather ‘resistant’ cover for the bicycles, it is not quite waterproof.  The bag stops most water from getting through onto our bicycles, but not all.  I haven’t really been able to find a fully waterproof cover.  To help keep moisture off our bikes, I took a vinyl woven tarp and laid it on top of the bikes on the rack before securing it in place with bungy cords.  Once the tarp was securely in place, the weather resistant bag went around the bikes before it too was strapped and secured in place.  Hopefully our bikes will arrive in Sebring in good shape.


Our day ended with a nice stroll around Green Acre Park with Teddy.  There were lots of people doing yard work today.  Plenty of leaf raking going on and Teddy and his pal, Squiggles, loved frolicking in the piles of leaves.  I played around with my Canon 1D Mk IV trying to get a good shot of them both in a pile of leaves but these too never stopped wrestling for the hour we were outside.  Even on shutter priority mode, there is still some softness in the close up shot above.  How about those dentures on Teddy, though!  These two wrestle every day and always have a blast.

Our weather is expected to turn very wet for the next two days.  We have blood work to do in the morning and then I have to get something sorted out about our satellite TV in the motorhome for this winter.  Bell is officially dead in the USA since Bell launched their latest satellite.  From all reports, Bell reception is now limited to about 100 km south of the Canada/USA border so that will certainly not do for us.  Going to give Shaw Direct a call in the morning to see what they offer.  I’ve been told our roof mounted Datastorm satellite is compatible with the Shaw Direct system so finding an installer should be abut the only thing I need to do.  My thanks to Chris & Anne and Rose for their satellite comments on my Tic Tock post a few days ago.