Birthday Celebration

Another year older and maybe another year wiser!  We enjoyed a wonderful weekend here in Waterloo.  My kids planned on coming up to celebrate my birthday with us but at the last minute Casey couldn’t make it.  Lindsay came up after work on Sunday night and Matt was already here spending Thanksgiving with us at Phaeton Place.  Sarah was studying hard in Edmonton and not able to be with us.  It’s always a treat celebrating a birthday but even more so when there is normally a statutory holiday, turkey dinner with all the trimmings associated with it as well and family members always make things special.  Matt enjoyed a weekend away from his military training at Camp Borden.  Last week, Lindsay came up with the idea to attend the Oktberfest parade in Kitchener/Waterloo.  We were up early on Monday morning and piled into our Vue for the short drive downtown.  The parade started at 8:30 am and we were lined up on King Street with the rest of the crowd to see all the marching bands, floats, etc.  We even brought Teddy with us.  It was a tad chilly but we stuck it out for the entire parade before heading to Cora’s for breakfast.

Chris did an absolutely wonderful job with Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday evening.  The turkey was cooked to perfection in our convection oven.  The heat from the oven was enough to keep us warm inside Phaeton Place during our cooler days and evenings.  Lindsay brought up her first attempt at a lattice apple pie made from scratch and it was fantastic with vanilla ice cream.  Silly moi, I never even thought to grab a shot of the pie for the blog…..and now it’s all gone!

I’m including a few of the shots I took during the parade with my iPhone 5.  I’m glad I left my DSLR at home.  There were far too many people at the parade to make picture taking with a big camera easy.  Things worked well with the iphone including the in camera panorama shot above.

My birthday was a lot of fun this year.  Lots of birthday wishes on facebook and phone calls from friends and family too.  And as I mentioned on Facebook……another year closer to CPP benefits now!