Camping World – Club Chairs

While in Florida last spring, we popped into the new Camping World store in Winter Garden, FL in search of two new chairs.  Friends had told us about the club chairs and how good they were, so we went searching for two of them.  The chairs came with a capacity of 225 lbs and were very comfortable.  We bought two of them for $50/each and also purchased the $5/chair 2 year replacement warranty.  We left Florida in early April and headed back to Canada with our new chairs in our storage bay.  Once back in Canada the chairs we set up and we managed to use them for about a week before the aluminum tubing on one of chairs cracked and soon after completely broke.  The webbing under the seat of the second chair soon let go and the aluminum frame on that chair fractured in several places as well.

I called Camping World within a month of our purchase date and was told I would be given a refund for the chairs ….. but….(there is always a “but”)…… we would have to return the chairs to Camping World.  I explained we were in Canada until November 2012 and that returning the chairs in person was impossible and shipping costs were expensive.  Camping Wold is not yet in Canada.  Apparently, there was no way around having to present the chairs back at Camping World if we wanted our refund.  We resolved ourselves that we would have to stow two broken chairs in our storage bays and drop them off at the nearest Camping World once we returned to the USA.

Fast forward 4 months and I called Camping World again, this time with the idea of emailing them photos of our broken chairs along with a copy of our receipt…..anything to expedite a refund.  This time I was told I had to call the store where we purchased the chairs and see if they would go along with my idea.  Well lo and behold, Tina of the Camping World store in Winter Garden, FL completely understood our dilemma and was in complete agreement with our idea of emailing photos of the chairs and a copy of our receipt directly to her.  We had our full refund back in our account in less than two hours.  Thank you so much Tina for being able to think outside the box!

The club chairs are definitely not a good product.  For the record, both chairs are still in use, although sparingly because of all the rain we have had recently but both will soon be finding a spot in the dumpster on our way out of Green Acre Park on Oct 25th.