Hasta La Vista to Bell TV…..Hello Shaw Direct

It poured rain today for much of the day today which gave me plenty of time to check out Bell and Shaw Direct satellite TV on the internet and at Best Buy and Future Shop.  We’ve had Bell HD satellite in our motorhome since 2009 and it has worked pretty well for us while we are south for the winter months.  Admittedly, Bell does not like seeing their satellite receivers in the USA and I even heard stories of some Bell subscribers having their account terminated if Bell finds out.  My thinking is that it shouldn’t matter where you watch your satellite TV as long as you pay the bill on time.  Apparently Bell disagrees.  Well….so be it!  So for the last 3 years we’ve lived on the edge during the winter months.  In recent weeks we’ve heard rumblings of Bell having launched a new satellite that has substantially moved the reception footprint northward.  Bell reception in the USA is now limited to not much beyond 100 km south of the Canada/USA border.  This renders our Kingdome useless now but we can still use our Datastorm roof mounted dish to switch over to Shaw Direct.

I called Armand, my satellite “guy”, at Tech Connexx to see if he could work us in for an “emergency” install before we head south on November 1st.  Armand got back to me within 30 minutes via email and we sorted out exactly what we are looking for.  Shaw Direct will indeed work with our existing Datastorm roof mounted dish.  We opted for the newest HD PVR630 seen below.  It fits in the lower shelf of our entertainment cabinet above the passenger seat with room to spare.  It also comes with a UHF remote and a 320 GB hard drive so no need to deal with the quirky IR remotes having to bounce around corners and lots of space for recording our shows.  Shaw Direct promises me their satellite works well “anywhere”.  I called Shaw Direct and figured out what programming we needed and Armand will have the receiver loaded up for us when we pull into his Bowmanville yard for our installation on Saturday afternoon.  There are a bunch of new customer programming credits and discounts we qualify for as well. It just doesn’t get any better than that!  We’ve considered switching to Shaw Direct for the last year or two but this latest move by Bell TV has convinced us that the time to switch is now.  I’ll be canceling our Bell service at the end of this month.  

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  1. John and Judy October 25, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

    We use Shaw, and it works great down south…just need my Hockey back now….