Tick Tock

Rain one day, sunshine the next, rain the next and so on and so on…….  Temperatures have certainly been mild enough for late October weather but one wonders just how long we can hold on before the weather turns colder and the snow arrives.  We’ve seen snow in mid October in the Ottawa area when we had our Bounder Diesel back in 2008 but have dodged any late season snow since getting our Phaeton in May 2009.  The weather forecast for the next week is supposed to stay mild, even on the balmy side before we hit the road on Thursday.  Today was a stellar day.  Sunny and pleasant enough to be outside without a jacket as we walked Teddy in the park and putzed around Phaeton Place trying to finish off our chores.  We managed to get one last camp fire going this afternoon, even with wet firewood, and that helped us burn a bunch of personal papers we didn’t need anymore.  No sense in taking needless weight with us down south this year.  One last mega flush of our black tank too including running a house down the commode to clean the pipes.  Nothing like getting up close and personal with poop but all RVers do it.

We joined our friends, Dale & Sheila, for a trip to St Jacobs farmers market on an overcast day, Saturday.  The rain held off as the guys dutifully accompanied the ladies as we stocked up on farm fresh produce.  The market really is quite a sight and was still remarkably busy for this time of year.   Get a load of the beautiful fresh flowers on display.  It was shoulder to shoulder with people inside the main pavilion but we managed to get what we needed and were back home in a couple of hours.  Chris joined our neighbors for a little more local afternoon shopping while I stayed behind trying to sort out some coding for our website.  Building a website from scratch is quite daunting but with SmugMug, there is a built in tool for customizing pages.  It has taken me some time getting my head around all the new programming but things are slowly coming together.  My ultimate goal is to let readers have access to my photo galleries, blog, etc all from one homepage.  Soon, I hope!

The days are getting shorter now.  We have to have Teddy out for his evening walk shortly after 6 pm if we expect to get back before dark.  After a beautiful day working outside, we spent the evening with Dale & Sheila, Frank & Diane and had a wonderful few hours for chitchat followed by an amazing supper prepared by Sheila.  Chris brought a green salad and Diane brought a blueberry cheese cake which went great with an after dinner coffee.  We won’t see Dale & Sheila again until Florida as they are off to Ottawa in the morning and we’ll be gone before they get back here.

We have some blood work to take care before packing up and hitting the road on Thursday.  T minus 3 days and counting…………

Oh…..almost forgot…….we heard today that Bell TV has possibly repositioned their satellite so that reception in the USA is almost none existent below New York state.  We use Bell and are a little concerned about whether or not we’ll have any satellite TV reception this winter while in Florida.  Has anyone else heard about this?  I haven’t been able to find much current information online about reception down south .  We thought about switching over to Shaw (the old Star Choice), because Bell TV has always  frowned on subscribers using their service while in the USA, but apparently Shaw is changing their satellite footprint next year to virtually eliminate reception in the USA as well.   So what to do??


  1. Chris&Anne October 22, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    Hi Guys
    We have Shaw (old StarChoice) and have had reception as far south as Baja S.Mexico. I also heard Shaw was re-alligning their sats and spoke with a rep in Calgary just this Spring on that very topic. He advised that they will be switching to their new Sats next year, however, this will only increase the number of HD channels available and will not affect the footprint of the Sat. He said that Shaw should be available as far south as Belize.
    Safe travels.

  2. Rose October 22, 2012 at 5:39 pm #

    We had a stop in Indiana had no problem with Bell there, we are currently near Springfield, Illinois and have not been able to get the signal, we have read the same things about Bell satellite , it is not looking good.