Waterloo to Harriston to Hanover to Bowmanville

We pulled out of Green Acre Park on Thursday morning just after 10 am on our way to McPhail's of Harriston. Phaeton Place arrived at Green Acre Park near the end of April and spend the entire summer sitting on site 133. Next time we come back we'll be moving on to site 135 for next summer. Our appointment at McPhail's was for 1 pm and was really pretty basic in nature. All they had to do was wire in our new transfer switch and we also had them check my captain's seat which seemed to be a little wiggly on the pedestal. We had the pedestal replaced our last trip to Red Bay but something seems to have loosened up since it was installed. We dropped our keys at the service counter and confirmed we could leave Phaeton Place on their lot until Saturday morning while we visited family in Hanover and Kincardine.

Slides In, Jacks Up


From Harriston it was straight over to the hospital in Kincardine to check on my father in law who had taken a tumble while in hospital recovering from a heart attack. He looked a little banged up but he is tough as nails so I don't expect he'll be bruised for long. Won't be long before he'll be back in the retirement home. We were back in Hanover in plenty of time for a great supper with family and spent the evening catching up on events in our lives.


Lindsay arrived from Hanover on Friday while we were in Ripley visiting my mother in law. We had a great visit with Isabel and said our goodbyes soon enough as we won't see her again until next spring. We promised to send postcards regularly and to call her from time to time as well. She is in great spirits and loves her new home at RVilla. Chris & I picked up an Atlantic salmon filet and all the fixings at Sobey's before heading back to Hanover where we all pitched in to have a nice supper waiting for Karen after she got home from work. Everything turned out great. We spent the evening in front of the TV and chatting about everything under the sun. We all like watching Grimm and last night was a new episode.


Will Loves The Leaves

Saturday morning came soon enough and we all said our goodbyes before heading back to McPhail's to pick up Phaeton Place. The bill was quite respectable for the work performed and the hours worked. Storing our motorhome at McPhail's meant they had to shut off the house batteries and engine switches, so we had no power when I tried to start her up. The odd thing was the inverter alarm was going off inside the motorhome indicating low house batteries, so I can't figure out when McPhail's actually shut the breaker off and why the alarm would even be sounding with the shut off activated. I did find out they hooked up the new transfer switch which I supplied but apparently never reset the inverter properly so it could be scanned via the remote display above the dash. I suspect the inverter was left on for two days without shore power and that was enough to deplete the house batteries. Kind of annoying really when you see a 30 amp power receptacle right next to where they parked Phaeton Place. Why not just plug it in for the two days? I'd have paid an extra $10 for power instead of wasting over an hour of time sorting everything out in pouring rain when we got here today. We didn't buy our coach here and that seems to have a direct bearing on the level of service received.


The delay meant we arrived in Bowmanville an hour late for our Shaw Direct satellite install. Poor Armand. Our installer worked on the roof of Phaeton Place in the rain most of the afternoon but he got the job pretty well done. Turns out our new Shaw PVR 630 was not preprogrammed as we were told. Armand lined up the satellite dish and then headed out for some family time while I spent 2 hours on the phone with Shaw sorting out alignment and programming. We are missing some of our channels so Armand will have to tweak things in the morning before we head for Kingston. Shaw's customer service is much better to deal with than Bell's though. They couldn't care less if we use our dish in the USA either. In fact, our agent used to work for Bell before going to Shaw and likes her present job much better. So we aren't quite there yet but we do have some channels to get us through the night.


We are a little concerned about Frankenstorm, the huge storm presently coming up the east coast of the USA. Apparently, heavy rain, winds and or snow are forecasted for eastern and southern Ontario regions, so we may or may not be heading south on I-81 on Thursday as planned. It will depend on how New York state and Pennsylvania fare too. We'll spend a few days at Rideau Acres in Kingston and reassess our departure plans as the week progresses. For tonight, we are parked in front of Armand's shop with shore power plugged in. Thankfully, our inverter and remote panel seems to be functioning properly again too. It's chilly enough outside that we have the propane furnaces on to stay warm. We saw lots of rain today on the way here and while parked too. Looks like more rain to come tomorrow for sure as well. Hopefully, we'll be in Kingston by mid afternoon, plugged in and ready to ride out whatever Frankenstorm may heap upon us.



  1. Erin October 28, 2012 at 7:00 am #

    Safe travels; we’re hunkered down here in the DC area waiting to find out what Sandy/Frankenstorm has in store for us.

    • Mark October 28, 2012 at 7:02 am #

      Better safe than sorry, for sure! Take care and be safe.