Dyson’s Have Balls!

We enjoyed another cool, crisp autumn day in Harrisburg today. We had breakfast in the motorhome while Lee & Judy ran some errands. I took Teddy for a wander around the property. He loves being off leash and is getting pretty good at coming when I call him now. The four of us went for lunch at a little bistro nearby and then set about finding Chris the vacuum cleaner of her dreams. She's so easy to please!


The built in Dirt Devil central vacuum on our Phaeton is not real great despite many if the glowing reports we see online. It simply can't match up to a good household vacuum. We did quite a bit of research and Chris really likes the Dyson technology. Their slogan is “Our vacuum cleaners have balls!”. We shopped around at Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc before eventually going to Bed, Bath and Beyond where we settled on the model DC-40. We even got 20% off the list price with an expired coupon that Judy still had in her wallet and a promotional item included a bunch of add on attachments that will no doubt come in handy. Thanks Judy! Once we got home you just knew Chris had to get to work and try out her new toy. It really does an excellent job!


I took Nicky & Teddy for a long walk around the property. There is a large field of solar panels on the property which was interesting to see. Looks like it will be expanded soon as there are stakes marking off new perimeter lines and tons of new solar panels sitting on pallets waiting to be installed.

Judy prepared another wonderful supper and even whipped up an apple pie for dessert which was spectacular with vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee. Our evening entertainment was playing Mexican Train around the dining room table which was lots of fun. I can see us playing more often once we get to Florida.

We are back on the road in morning but we'll start a little later than usual because of the time change and Judy has promised pumpkin pancakes for breakfast! Hope to still be on the road by about 10:00 am. Thank you Lee & Judy for a wonderful stay in your piece of heaven.