Exercise, Quilting & Fire Ants


These past few days have just flown by. I've managed to get in the pool twice this week and am back swimming a mile in the morning before breakfast. The best feature about the huge swimming pool here at Tanglewood is the three dedicated lanes for lap swimming which aren't even part of the main pool area, so in effect a person can usually swim laps whenever the pool is open. Usually it is just me and Al Goldberg swimming laps in the morning but I've seen other people swimming later in the day too. They have water volleyball here in the main pool area three afternoons a week but we haven't managed to get to any of the games yet. We've kept busy playing Pickleball too and have joined a couple of the leagues in the park. I also played over at Highland Ridge with Dennis this afternoon. A great bunch of guys and all are very good players. Now if my serve would just cooperate, I'd be able to contribute a little more on the score sheet.

Chris has joined a quilting group that meets at the main clubhouse on Wednesdays and finds it to be great fun. She's working on a couple of projects that will be amazing once they are finished. She's looking for a 2 inch Lil Twister to help with her projects but hasn't been able to locate one locally in Sebring or online either for that matter. Are there any quilters out there who might be able to help her out with a supplier? This is a 5 inch version so Chris is looking for a little smaller version. I suppose we could always call CS Designs too.



As in most of southern Florida, Tanglewood seems to have its fair share of fire ants and our site is no exception. We've experienced the painful bites these little terrors can leave on feet and knees while at our locations in Florida and carry a large bottle of repellant in one of our storage containers but hadn't found the time to spray. We were also a little concerned about the effect it would have on Teddy as he spends most days outside. Tanglewood however, does have someone who sprays any site needing it. They did a full application the other day basically covering our whole site with the repellant which leaves a bluish tinge on the grass. The worker recommended Teddy stay off the grass for 24 hours but we extended that period to a full two days. So far no ants and Teddy seems to be faring well also.