Happy Thanksgiving

As Canadians we celebrate our Thanksgiving in October every year and this year was a great day at John & Karen's place in Hanover. Lots of great food and a day spent with family. Fast forward to November and we find ourselves in travel mode in our motorhome on our way to warmer climes for the winter. Once settled at Tanglewood RV Resort we start looking forward to celebrating the American Thanksgiving holiday with our American friends. This year we invited Barb Johnson who flew in for a couple of weeks in Wauchula to send Thanksgiving with us in Phaeton Place. I drove over to TT Peace River and picked her up just after noon before heading home to a wonderful turkey dinner. Chris out did herself as usual and the three of us enjoyed each other's company over a wonderful dinner. We haven't seen much of Barb & Dennis these past two years as they remain out west. It was great to catch up with all the things going on in their lives and wonderful to see Dennis doing so well. We chatted until late before finally turning in after a very busy day.

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends and neighbours.

We are heading to Punta Gorda tomorrow afternoon to spend the night with Jim & Jane. I foresee shopping….it is Black Friday after all….some supper and another round of Hand & Foot.