Harrisburg, PA to Roanoke, VA

We had a later than usual start from Lee & Judy's this morning. No complaints at all though because we got to sample Judy's pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast before hitting the road. Fabulous is all I can say! All things pumpkin at this time of year. Last week in Hanover we had pumpkin pie cheesecake which was to die for and while visiting Lee & Judy we've sampled her pumpkin pie and this morning her pumpkin pancakes. You gotta love this time of year! Oh, I almost forgot the apple pie she made from scratch yesterday!

Lee guided me out of our spot on his RV pad shortly after 10 am this morning. I had to back up the driveway to Graham's house for a bit until I had enough room to swing the front end onto the main drive leading in and out of the farm. There were a few tight corners but we managed to get out unscathed and heading off towards Hwy 322 and eventually I-81 south. We topped up with diesel at the Flying J in Carlisle, PA before pushing on. Our RV discount card brought the price per gallon down to $3.97 and the price will be cheaper still in Virginia and the Carolinas. The RV pumps were littered with RVs parked very which way so we went directly to the commercial truck pumps. Our card worked well to open up the pumps from inside but I'm going to try the card in the pump the next time we fuel up. The discount card is supposed to work in the pump so that should shorten the fueling process somewhat.

We were going to try to make it as far as Wytheville, VA today but our late start and today's time change cost us some daylight so we pulled into the Camping World and Gander Mtn about 4:30 pm for the night. We'll push on in the morning. Road and weather conditions were perfect today. No rain at all with sunshine and blue skies for the most part. We were going to keep going as far as I-77 before turning east towards Raleigh, NC but looking at the maps, I think we'll head south on US 220 right from Roanoke down as far as I-40 before turning east. We have a stop to make in Raleigh, NC to get our surge protector reinstalled at Progressive Industries.

So we are all tucked in watching Call The Midwife on PBS on our digital antenna. Hoping for a quick turn around at Progressive Industries so we can keep heading south tomorrow afternoon. Not sure how far we'll get until we get there.