Hello South Carolina!

We slept very lightly last night, most likely because we were so close to I-81 and had traffic noise for most of the night. We were tucked in next to Gander Mtn in Roanoke, VA and were the only RV in the lot but I think there were a couple of rigs in the Camping World lot as well. I scoped out our route for today while we were stopped for the night. We opted to take US 220 from Roanoke to Greensboro, NC instead of following I-81 to I-77 and then turning east.

We were on the road before 8:00 am this morning. US220 was pretty well four lane divided highway all the way from Roanoke until about 40 miles fm Greensboro. It was pretty hilly and windy but the countryside was very beautiful to see. Lots of farm country and some old barns that I would really come back to photograph some time. It was downright nasty coming into Greensboro on US220. A lot of construction and road widening with very poor signage to point us to I-40 east but we did eventually hit I-40 after a few missteps. We topped up with diesel at the Flying J in Graham, NC and pushed on to our appointment at Progressive Industries in Morrisville near Raleigh, NC. We arrived before noon and Jeff had our surge protector installed shortly after 1:00 pm.


We decided to push on to I-95 and then turned south before eventually stopping at Walterboro, SC Walmart for the night. We didn't arrive until almost 6:00 pm, just a little after sunset. This is most unusual for us as we generally try to be off the road well before dark. There are about thirty RVs in the lot with us so I expect a bit of a log jam tomorrow morning when we all hit the road. We are only going as far as Brunswick, GA tomorrow. I've got a voucher for one free night to at Coastal RV Resort which will expire soon, so we may as well use it. So tomorrow is shaping up to be a short day in comparison to today. It's only about 200 miles to Brunswick and then another shortish day on Wednesday for us to get into Sebring, FL.

Our inverter alarm went off last night indicating low battery voltage. Generally, our house batteries last us overnight with only a small boost required on occasion from the generator. We didn't even make it through to 4 am before the alarm began chirping. I suspect one or perhaps two of our house batteries may be toast and no longer holding a charge. Something to check into further while we are on our way to Sebring. May have to stop and get some new batteries on the way. I think AGM batteries will be the way to go. No muss, no fuss.