Hello USA!

We left Rideau Acres a little later than we had planned on Thursday morning. I called our medical insurance company Wednesday evening to change our coverage dates while down south but they were closed already. So we had to wait until after 8 am for them to open. Once that was done, we called Telus and had our iPhone plans dropped to the minimum needed to keep the numbers active while away. No sense paying our usual rates with a Canadian carrier while in the USA. We crossed into the USA at Alexandria Bay about 9:30 am. The line up wasn't bad. We waited about 30 minutes in the bus/RV line, answered a few questions and were on our way.


Our drive south on I-81 was a wet one for the most part as we drove through New York State and the rain continued on into Pennsylvania, but there were also some dry spots once in PA. We stopped in a rest area once clear of the border and activated our Verizon LTE mifi and tracfone. The mifi took awhile to kick in on our iPhones but that turned out to be caused by an incorrect password. Funny how things work better with the right password! We grabbed lunch in another rest area north of Binghamton, NY. Notice the grey skies above Phaeton Place in the first photo. Lots of RVs heading south from Ontario and Quebec.


Traffic moved along very well on I-81 until about an hour north of Harissburg, PA where we were delayed by road construction for almost an hour. Lee met us just off the Grantville exit and we followed him into their farm. Things were a little tight getting onto his RV pad as we are a little longer than they are but we made it in unscathed and were all set up before 6pm. I had to swing a little wider to avoid some low hanging branches on our way in so Lee set about trimming some branches yesterday afternoon while Judy took Chris out for a nice walk. I figured Lee might have a chainsaw or pruning shears to trim a little here and there but look what he dragged out of his man cave! It was pretty impressive to see him at work. There's nothing like a John Deere!

We all hit Costco this afternoon so our refrigerator is again well stocked for when we continue our trip south on Sunday morning. We also found a T-Mobile store and now have our unlocked iPhones activated on their network with unlimited voice and data plans.

Teddy & Nicky have been having a blast getting reacquainted. It's funny to see a giant poodle with a mini schnauzer for a shadow. They played hard all day and Teddy loves running around the farm property.

One last note about moving our blog the other day. Things didn't go as seamlessly with Go Daddy as they should have. Seems like all photos in posts before Oct 31st have gone missing in action. I've emailed Go Daddy and they will help me sort out their mess once we arrive in Florida. Apologies for any inconvenience that may cause.