Punta Gorda


Chris & I ran Barb back over to TT Peace River on Friday morning and then continued on to visit Jim & Jane in Punta Gorda with Teddy in tow. Thanks for spending your Thanksgiving with us Barb. We had a little trouble finding the address in Punta Gorda with our Garmin GPS but Jim came out to get us and lead us back to their rental unit which was very nice. Plenty of room for the four of us in this two bedroom townhouse. They got a super deal for their one month stay.


The four of us went out for dinner at Thai Cafe in Port Charlotte. The food was excellent. The above photo is the volcano chicken Jim enjoyed. I had Pad Thai and the girls enjoyed the Thai Curry Chicken. Mine was fabulous but both girls found their dishes quite spicy. After dinner, it was back home for our first game of Hand & Foot since we last played in Solihull in July. The girls managed to pull out a slim win on the last hand. Well done ladies!

Saturday was shopping at Ellenton Outlet Mall for the girls while Jim & I kept Teddy and headed for Lazydays to have a look at what model Motorhomes they had in stock. Quite a few used Motorhomes for sale and we were both really impressed with the new 2013 Allegro Bus 45 QGP. An all electric coach with many bells and whistles to be sure, and a price tag to match. Perhaps if we win the lottery one day! We had a quick run around Camping World but didn't find anything we needed. Chris & I could use two new camping chairs after we returned the broken club chairs we bought last spring. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything in stock that looked like it would last longer than a month or two.


We did manage to find the Wheel of Fortune motorhome in the parking lot perhaps awaiting service. There was a matching trailer behind it but I couldn't fit it all in the one shot. We picked up the girls in Ellenton on the way back to Punta Gorda. After saying our goodbyes, Chris & I headed for Tanglewood. We are looking forward to seeing Jim & Jane again soon.


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