Canon EOS 1DX

Canon EOS 1DX

I’ve been shooting my Canon EOS 1D mk IV for about two years now but have been thinking about upgrading to the new 1DX model primarily because of the new and improved auto focus capabilities of Canon’s newest professional camera.  There has been quite a lot written on the internet about how well it performs and it just fits for my landscape and wildlife photography.  I’ll be selling my 1D mkIV to help offset this new purchase.  I ordered it last week and it arrived on Saturday.  I spent most of the evening pouring over the instruction manual and customizing the menus to the way I like them.  I spent an hour out at a nearby pond on Sunday morning playing with the new body and my Canon 300mm f2.8 II lens.  The new focusing menus are going to take some getting used to.  It is hard to decide which of the 61 focus points to have active on any given shot and what works with one shot may or may not with another shot.

 Great Blue Skimmer Dragonfly

I grabbed this shot of the dragonfly while sitting at the edge of  the pond just after an alligator surfaced to check me out before resubmerging.  I don’t do much insect photography but am pretty happy with how this attempt turned out.  I was about 6 ft away from my subject and even using f/20, parts of the imagine are out of focus because of the shallow depth of field.

Sandhill Crane Foraging

I headed for Lake Istokpoga near Lake Placid with Chris & Teddy later in the afternoon to check out the bird action near the boat launch off Hwy 98.  There were a pair of ospreys in the area but I couldn’t get close enough with only my 300mm to get a good shot.  I did spot a pair of sandhill cranes foraging for food near the picnic area.  It was definitely a run and gun kind of day for shooting.  Need to work on my panning skills for in flight shots too.  I’m going back to Istokpoga early Tuesday morning with my buddy Tony to see what we find.  This sandhill crane was from about 100 feet away.  There is a wooden nesting platform near the picnic area and I’m pretty sure this pair of ospreys is using it.  No evidence of any young ones yet but there does appear to be a nest on the platform.  As we were leaving we heard what we thought was chicks in the osprey’s nest but it turned out to be two red-bellied woodpeckers pecking away at the pole, about 5 feet below the osprey nesting platform.  They were very interesting to watch.

Red-Bellied WoodpeckerRed-Bellied Woodpecker

Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s photographs.