Christmas Lights

We took Teddy for his regular evening walk after supper last night and I decided to take my iPhone with me to grab a few shots of the Christmas lights on some of the park model homes here at Tanglewood.  Sebring village across the road from Tanglewood is also supposed to be very picturesque but we are waiting for Matt & Sarah to arrive before we swing by over there.  The Christmas light golf cart parade is tonight so that should be fun to see as well.  Teddy was beside himself when we approached the house below with the polar bear and Whack a Penguin display to the left of the polar bear.  It was like the midway game except air filled.  A penquin would appear one at a time and beg to be whacked.  Teddy started barking every time a penguin appeared and disappeared.  He was trying to act so tough but he was afraid and aggressive at the same time.  It was so funny to see.

Holiday Living 5.01-ft Inflatable Fabric Whack A Penguin