Juvenile Tricolored Heron

Juvenile Tricolored HeronJuvenile Tricolored Heron

Another beautiful day yesterday in Sebring, Florida but a cold front is coming apparently.  Lets hope it only lasts for a few days.  Chris was out doing a little more Christmas shopping in town.  I did most of mine done online this year which works out pretty well.  Most items are received within 2-3 days.  I even went on the Camping World website to order a couple of new director chairs.  Our Good Sam membership qualified us for free shipping but I don’t think we’ll see the chairs before Christmas unfortunately.

I was out taking some more test photos at one of the Tanglewood ponds yesterday afternoon.  I moved a little further around the pond from where I was the other day.  The same little blue heron was busy foraging in the reeds again but this time I also spotted a juvenile tricolor heron resting on the bank.  He eventually set about looking for his supper and I was close enough to get some pretty sweet shots.

Double Crested CormorantDouble Crested Cormorant

I’m pretty sure this double crested cormorant is the same one I saw the other day.  I got him flying last time but today he was busy swimming in search of his supper.  It must have swam 30-40 meters underwater at times and it was always a crap shoot trying to guess where it would resurface.  This shot was from about 40 meters away.

Tricolored Heron ReflectionTricolored Heron Reflection

Chris has been busy with her quilting and has some nice Christmas stockings she made hanging in the motorhome.  We’ve got our tree up nd have strung some lights across our dashboard and outside as well.  No snow though but then I read online today that most of Canada will likely experience a green Christmas.  Pretty sure it will be shorts, sandals and T shirts for us this year.