So Long Verizon…..Hello Comcast!

It certainly has been a month of Internet woes here at Phaeton Place. Please see our last two entries for the full story.

The new Jetpack mifi 4620 arrived the other day at long last sans battery, battery cover and charger but I managed to piece together everything from our older mifi 4510 to at least get it working. Without a battery cover….but it was working. The battery cover, charger and a new battery arrived yesterday after I called Verizon one more time on Wednesday night …. just to say hi and to chit chat. We've become quite close this past month. Bottom line though is that reception even with the Wilson Sleek is very spotty because the tower in Sebring is not up to scratch. I learned that by talking to a Verizon customer service supervisor yesterday morning. It only took a month of phone calls to finally speak with someone who actually had an inkling. So if the one Verizon tower in Sebring is so badly overloaded, why doesn't Verizon address the issue and do some upgrading? Who knows, but I suspect the two Verizon stores in Sebring may not be doing the business volume they would be doing if their tower was up to scratch.

So our options were to cancel Verizon all together or to have the supervisor override the two per year limit of vacation stops (we've used two vacation stops already while in Canada this past summer) and keep our account dormant for the time being. We have a 20GB per month plan and didn't want to lose that so we opted for the vacation stop instead of canceling our account all together. Whether or not we'll be able to keep the vacation stop until next fall remains to be seen. So for now our account is dormant and we don't pay again until we reactivate it.

So what to do for Internet? All sites at Tanglewood are prewired for cable and Internet so we decided to give Comcast a call. We don't need the cable TV option, just internet. They set us up with a 6 month all we can use high speed internet plan for $29.99 per month. Certainly less expensive than what we were paying Verizon, so we jumped at it. The nice part about this deal was that the cable line on our site was already live, so all we had to do was pop by Comcast for a cable internet modem kit and we were off to the races. No $50 install fee required. Bonus!!

I ran the coax cable from our power pedestal to the tripod satellite terminal in our storage bay and then hooked up the Comcast modem to the unused tripod satellite coax cable in our entertainment center and …….voila….. honking fast high speed Internet distributed throughout Phaeton Place via our Cradlepoint MBR95 router. And by using the tripod satellite terminal in our storage bay, I didn't have to fish coax cable through a window or slide out on Phaeton Place……definitely a much cleaner and tidier arrangement to use the tripod connector. It took a while to get all our iOS devices working but once I figured out I needed to install a small Comcast software package on my Mac Book Pro, our iOS thingies came to life on the Internet as well.

This high speed Internet rocks!