Verizon OMG! How Do You Stay In Business?



Since my last blog entry, Verizon has sent us the wrong mifi three more times. I'm not sure how or even if their customer service and tech department have a clue about what the expected level of customer service and satisfaction is either. All I get from the minion voices on the other end of the phone is yet another apology before they mess up the order yet again. Yesterday, they promised to correctly send a complete mifi Jetpack 4620 including, charger, battery, battery cover and SIM card. FedEx delivered a package around noon. I anxiously opened the package and found only a mifi 4620 and SIM card inside. No battery, battery cover or charger! I called Verizon tech support again for the nineteenth time since November 7th and learned apparently shipped the battery cover, battery and charger in a separate box via USPS which won't be here until next week! Unfreaking believable! Why the heck would they send part of the shipment via FedEx and the rest by snail mail? I received another thinly veiled apology and yet another promise that Verizon will now send me the battery, battery cover and charger via FedEx overnight.

Verizon has credited my account with the amount I normally pay each month. At least that will cover November. They also will refund an additional 10% of my monthly bill to cover my time and frustration. So for a month of crappy internet, abysmal customer service and lousy tech support, I get a whopping $6 credited back to my account. Lucky me! The ineptitude continues.