Circle B Bar Reserve – Almost

Osprey in Landing Mode

Osprey in Landing Mode

I read about Circle B Bar Reserve online last night and we thought we’d check it out this morning.  The Reserve is located near Lakeland which according to our GPS is only an hour drive from here.  We were up early and planned to leave by 8 am but while I grabbed the reserve’s address for our Garmin GPS, I noted that pets were not permitted in the Reserve due to alligators.  It was a little late to line up a neighbour to look after Teddy so we decided to put off our trip to Lakeland until another day.  Apparently they have bald eagles nesting at Circle B Bar Reserve as well as a large assortment of other water birds.  So, since we were all packed with camera gear already in the Vue, we decided to take a drive out to Lake Istokpoga and see what birds we could spot.  There is definitely a pair of nesting ospreys on a pedestal at the north boat launch off Hwy 98.  We spent about twenty minutes there but it was pretty busy with traffic so we continued on our tour around the lake.  Our next stop was the dam at the south end of Lake Istokpoga.  Lots of ospreys nesting here but none flying this morning.  We did however spot this anhinga drying it’s wings as we arrived.  Unfortunately, it took off as we approached on foot.

Anhinga Anhinga

Anhinga Drying Wings

The rest of our day was pretty tame.  Chris popped out for a few groceries and I played mens recreational pickleball this afternoon here at Tanglewood.  Tomorrow morning, I’m heading over to Highland Ridge to play more competitively but not before Chris & I take Teddy to his first day of agility training here at Tanglewood.  Should be a fun day.


  1. John January 9, 2013 at 10:24 pm #

    We were at Circle B a couple of weeks ago and saw over 12 Gators! Birds are everywhere…great spot to spend a day. Your right, no pets…way too many Gators.

    • Mark January 11, 2013 at 9:41 am #

      Thanks for the update John. We’ll be heading up there next week and packing the big lenses.