Great Blue Herons

Young Great Blue Heron Sticking Tongue Out

Young Great Blue Heron (What a Tongue!)

I’m still going through the rest of my images from Venice Rookery last week.  There are quite a few interesting shots of great blue herons so I thought I’d dedicate this post to nothing but great blue heron photographs.  I saw all kinds of GBHs at Venice rookery from multiple angles but this first photograph is the first time I’ve seen a young heron with such crazy looking tongue.  Reminds me of the Alien movie from years ago.  One of the parent herons had just returned to the nest to field the two colts.  This particular colt was the more dominate of the two young ones and really squawked up a storm as it tried to get food.  It was pretty neat to witness at close range.

Great Blue Heron With Nesting MaterialGreat Blue Heron in flight

I didn’t have to do much with this shot.  Full frame right out of the camera with just a little sharpening, contrast and vibrance added in.  The hardest part for this shot was trying to time my shutter release so none of the roof tops from houses near the rookery were in the shot.  I could have added a little to the left margin but chose to leave it as is.  This particular heron was flying regular runs from the nest to a group of trees and shrubs on the bank in search of nesting material before flying back to the nest.  The flight path was pretty well the same for half dozen trips the heron made while I was there shooting.  Just had to pan along with the heron and push the shutter release.

Great Blue Heron PortraitsSharing Nesting Material

Here are the two herons on the nest deciding where best to place the nesting material the one heron just brought home.  I refer to this image as my Valentine’s Day image because of the heart in the image.  Can you see it?

Great Blue Heron Head & Shoulder ProfileHead & Shoulder Portrait

It was a great day at the rookery.  The clear blue sky made for a great plain background for all shots of nests on the top of the mangrove island.  The head angle on this portrait is off by just a few degrees unfortunately but I like the detail in the shoulder and neck.

Great Blue HeronUnder Wing Detail

Today’s last photo was taken just as one of the herons left the nest in search of more nesting material.  I’ve cropped this shot about 50% and really like how Nik Software brought out the amazing under wing detail.  I also added a subtle cloud effect to the blue background in Photoshop CS6.  That’s it for today.  Weather continues to be hot & sunny in Sebring.  We are noticing pretty cold temperatures in western and eastern Canada of late as well.  Bundle up everyone and stay warm.  It’s calling for 88°F in Sebring tomorrow.