Highland Hammock State Park

Highland Hammock State Park-2596-Edit.jpg

The four of us turned in before midnight last night and celebrated the New Year from behind closed eyelids.   We spent the evening watching Robin Williams and Russell Peters on one of the comedy channels.  Pretty good stuff!  Chris & I played pickleball this morning for a couple of hours before heading back to Phaeton Place for a little lunch.  Our afternoon was spent hiking the trails of Highland Hammock State Park in Sebring.  It cost $6.00 per car to enter the park .  Teddy joined us and had a great time checking out every little nook and cranny on the trails.  We opted to carry Teddy on the boardwalks over the water portions of the park.  The wooden boardwalks were fairly narrow and with the possibility of alligators in the water, we certainly didn’t want Teddy slipping off the boardwalk.  We saw an otter munching on a fish and a water moccasin snake coiled up in a sunny spot next to a pond.  We certainly steered clear of it!  The above photo was taken at the base of a humungous live oak tree.  I’m not sure of it’s exact circumference at the base but I’m guessing around 40 ft.

Highland Hammock State Park

Here’s an idea of what the main pond looked like with all the cypress trees growing up out of the water.  Acres and acres of trees with cypress knees everywhere!

Palm Frond

Back Lit Palm Frond


We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon and then stopped at Dairy Queen for a little treat before heading back to Phaeton Place where the ladies put together one of our favourites,  pork schnitzel & spaetzle for supper.  A great last day in Sebring for Matt & Sarah.  We’ll run them up to Orlando for their flight back to Toronto in the morning but not before one last bit of shopping at Florida Mall before heading to the airport.


  1. Pam January 2, 2013 at 6:05 pm #

    I am a new follower of your blog and wanted to introduce myself. My husband Vic and I are full-timers from Oregon in a Phaeton. We are on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but your photos and postings from Sebring have inspired us to check out that area before we head back to the West Coast in the springtime. Amazing photography!

    • Mark January 2, 2013 at 9:20 pm #

      Thanks for popping by Pam and hope you’ll become a regular reader. We love our Phaeton! Sebring is a nice town. A bit too far from the beaches though. :)