Jack Reacher Movie 9/10

Snail Kite in Flight

Snail Kite in Flight

It rained early this morning and it was noticeably cooler today than yesterday with grey, overcast skies.  We popped out to run a few errands which included a new pair of Teva sandals for me and some vacuum sealed storage bags to help us put away bedding for the spare bed, towels, etc.  Today remained dreary right through lunch so we decided to grab a movie at Fairmount Cinema in Sebring.  The cinema is basically across US 27 from Tanglewood so not a real long drive over.  We saw Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise.  It is based on the book One Shot by author Lee Child.  We both really enjoyed the movie and thought Tom Cruise did an excellent job.  It’s not hard to guess that we’ll see Cruise back in more Jack Reacher movies if this one does well at the box office.  Lee Child has written a ton of Jack Reacher novels and we’ve read most of them either in paperback or on our iPads using the Kindle app.  Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a good read.

Great Horned Owl in Full Sun

Great Horned Owl

Once we got back from the movie we took Teddy for his afternoon walk.  We walked past the wood shop looking for owls roosting the pine trees outside.  I’m pretty sure there is nest high up in one of the trees.  We could see a young owl nestled in some branches where they connect with the tree trunk, so I’m guessing there is a nest right there.  Skies were so grey though I never even tried to get a photograph.  Instead, I worked on post processing the above shot in Photoshop CS6 with Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro plug in.  I think it turned out quite well.  All comments welcome!

We are looking forward to a visit with Lee, Judy & Nicki.  They are coming over to Tanglewood tomorrow afternoon.  You just know Nicki & Teddy will have a great time wrestling.  They haven’t seen each other since we left Pennsylvania back in early November.