Photography Training

Syl Arena in action

Chris & I were up early Sunday and on our way to Orlando so I could attend a seminar on Canon Speedlites offered by Syl Arena, a well known instructor and author on all things Speedlite.  I arrived in plenty of time for the seminar.  Chris & Teddy headed off to visit Keith & Marie at TT Orlando and had a great day too.  The seminar was a little late starting because of technical problems which meant that ran over time later in the day as well.  Thankfully, Chris & Teddy were not left waiting outside in the car too long and nobody bothered insisting she move our car from the 15 minute parking spots.  I brought my Canon 1DX and new Canon 600 EX-RT Speedlite with me so I could follow along with Syl during his presentation.  We were on our way home by 6:00 pm and back in Tanglewood in plenty of time to take Teddy for his evening walk.  The traffic on Hwy 27 south from I-4 never seems to diminish though.  All in all a very worthwhile day.

For Christmas, Chris surprised me with a three day pass to Photoshop World 2013 in Orlando in April 2013.  We had planned on moving Phaeton Place up to Thousand Trails Orlando before Photoshop World and as part of our exit plan from Florida as we start the trek back north to Canada in late April.  However, TT Orlando is still about a 40 minute drive each way from the convention center so we were exploring options on how to make it a little easier for the both of us.  Hotel costs at the convention itself were quite pricey but it would put me right in the thick of the action. We’ve come up with a better solution than staying at a hotel.  Instead of booking in at TT Orlando, we’ve decided to stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness.  Fort Wilderness is only about 10 miles from the Orange County Convention Center, so a much shorter commute for me and perhaps best of all, Chris & Teddy get to spend some time at Disney World too!