Another Visit to Venice Rookery

Venice Rookery ReflectionWater Reflection

It’s been another busy week here at Tanglewood.  We had two away matches with our pickleball travel team.  Lake Ashton came to Tanglewood to play here and then we drove to Riverbend Motorcoach Resort in Labelle, FL to play there.  We play against Highland Ridge at Tanglewood tomorrow morning.  So far Tanglewood is at the top of the league standings.  We’ve had some great matches and it is nice to get out and see other people too.  Chris has been busy with her quilting classes and also attended a quilting show in Sebring last Friday.  She has a number of projects on the go and really enjoys being part of the group here at Tanglewood.  Chris and Christine drove over to Ellenton and then as far as Sarasota for shopping on Saturday.  Of course this past weekend was everything Superbowl and we spent time at various Superbowl functions, including a neighborhood tailgating party which included lots of games outside as well as food.  Some of the guys cooked up a mess of chicken wings outside using propane and electric deep fryers.  Talk about a tailgating party!  It was fabulous!

Face to FaceFace to Face

Fellow bird photographer, Tony Galic, and I were off again for a return visit to Venice Rookery early this morning.  It was a little chilly at 5:00 am but the day turned out to be pretty nice but with temps only getting into the low 70sF.  Lots of great blue herons nesting with quite a few young in the nests but there are some GBHs just starting to mate now too.  Great egrets and anhingas are also nest buidling but we didn’t see any babies yet.  We had lots of opportunity to be creative with some of our shots today.  The wind was nonexistent for the first few hours at the rookery which enabled me to get some great reflections in the water surrounding the base of the nesting island.  Today’s first photo is a reflection of two great blue herons that were nest building in the top of the bushes.  I flipped the shot 180 degrees in Photoshop before posting it.  The second shot is two great egrets courting.  I like the symmetry in this shot  and how the tips of their beaks are almost touching.  My favorite shot of the day is the pied billed grebe.  The water surrounding the grebe was this amazing color and the slow movement of the grebe made these great concentric rings around the bird.  I know that consensus generally says not to put your subject in the center of a photograph, but in this case I think being in the center works fine because of the breadth of the concentric rings.

Pied Billed GrebePied Billed Grebe

Today’s photos are all links from my Flickr account.  Clicking on any of the photos should take viewers to larger versions of these shots in Flickr.