Birds In Flight

Great Blue Heron MaestroGreat Blue Heron Maestro

Busy times here at Tanglewood.  Lots of sunshine and blue skies which is just the way we like it.  It actually even rained last night for all of five minutes.  Not enough to fill any of the ponds within the park, some of which are almost dry, but at least enough to cool things if only for a little while.  Temps were in the mid 80sF again today and we won’t get below 60F tonight so it looks like another night with the windows open.  The park is in the middle of its cancer fund raising drive so we’ve been to a few functions within the park in recent days.  One of the local car dealerships even brought some new vehicles into the park for people to test drive within in the park.  No strings attached whatsoever and for each test drive the dealership donated $10 toward our cancer fundraiser.  Quite the unique marketing plan but it seems to be working.

Black Crowned Night Heron in FlightBlack Crowned Night Heron

A few more photos from our most recent visit to Venice Rookery.  I spent quite a bit of time on flight photography last visit.  I really like using my 300mm lens with 1.4 x extender handheld.  It seems to be a great combination and makes it quite easy to track the birds as they fly to and from their nests.  My friend Tony and I are looking forward to attending a three day BirdsAsArt workshop in Tampa later this month. Two days of classroom instruction followed by a morning of bird photography at Fort Desoto.

Mark Jones & Gary SewellTravel Team Pickleball

We played our last round robin games for our pickleball travel team against a team from Highland Ridge which is also in Sebring.  I play over there most Wednesday afternoons and know most of the players.  We had some great games on a hot afternoon.  Tony took the above photo of me and my men’s doubles partner, Gary Sewell.  It was a fun afternoon with some very good pickleball played.  Travel Team round robin play has now finished and the final tournament with all teams playing will be here at Tanglewood in early March.  Chris went to her regular Tanglewood quilting classes on Wednesday and traveled down the road to Buttonwood Bay RV Resort for a quilting show earlier today.  Teddy and I had obedience classes this morning.  Well……Teddy did…..all I had to do was hold the leash.  This afternoon’s activities included some fun pickleball games followed by a social in the bash area.  Pulled pork on a bun with lots of salads and of course desserts.  Another great day has come to an end.