Highlands Ridge Pickleball

We have had super weather in central Florida this past two weeks or more but apparently a cold front with some badly needed rain is on its way south for this weekend.  I expect we’ll be hearing about all that cold “Canadian” air from friends and neighbors soon enough.  Always good for a laugh anyway.  We’ve been playing lots of pickleball lately because of the good weather.  The humidity is pretty high right now too so its hard to keep cool as one just gets covered in sweat.  We ran into our friends Keith & Marie in Sebring while out and about the other day.  Chris & I were enjoying a Starbucks coffee when they spied Chris walking over to Michael’s.  A bunch of the gang from TT Peace River were in Sebring heading for Hibachi Buffet on Friday evening so of course we tagged along.  It was our first time at Hibachi Buffet and we were suitably impressed with their regular Friday seafood buffet.  We’ll definitely be heading back there again.

Today’s photo is a team photo I took for Highland Ridge Pickleball on the weekend.  Dave Majick, one of the Highland Ridge regulars we play with on Wednesdays asked me if I’d be interested in taking a team photo so I jumped at the chance.  The group was very patient with me as I arranged positions, etc and I think the team photo turned out quite well despite the tough lighting conditions.  Dave tells me everyone loves it and they are hoping to use it on a big banner to hang on the fence around their courts.  That should be neat to see.  Hoping I’ll get a chance to do a team photo here at Tanglewood as well.  Lots more players here.