Tanglewood Classic Car Rally

This past Sunday saw a great classic car rally hosted here at Tanglewood.  There were about 50 cars on display from all over the USA.  I talked to a retired farmer from Ohio with a 1937 Ford that he has trucked down to Florida for a couple of months while he and his wife are south for a few months.  Apparently this must be pretty popular to do because he has five friends who all put their classic cars on the same truck to head south and then back home in the spring.  Must be nice.  Tony and I headed to the rally with our cameras and spend a couple of hours shooting in some pretty harsh light.  My main focus (pun intended) was to concentrate on the lines of the cars instead of just taking shots of the entire car.  I’m including a few shots below from my Smugmug galleries.

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  1. Barbara Thulin February 21, 2013 at 12:01 pm #

    You did a great job lot a really nice pictures thank you Mark I also enjoyed the article