Brown Pelican Take Off

Brown Pelican Take OffBrown Pelican Taking Off at Fort Desoto

Yesterday was a very enjoyable rest day after a long day of pickleball in the sun on Monday.  I spent some time working on a few more images from our Tampa workshop and really like this brown pelican image.  The bird isn’t quite as sharp as I would have liked but the action in the shot is pretty good with the water behind the pelican frozen as it lifted off.  I think I was using my 600mm lens handheld instead of on my tripod.

Lots of errands yesterday.  I’ve made a service appointment for our Vue with Alan Jay Chev Olds in Sebring next week.  Chris spent a few hours helping out at the Tanglewood quilt show yesterday.  I sent one of my Canon camera bodies and a wide angle lens in to Canon for a free cleaning and checkup.  Hoping to have them both back in about a week to ten days if all goes well.  Not sure if I mentioned this a previous post or not but I noticed two broken rivets on the front motor arm of our Carefree of Colorado Eclipse main awning recently.  Tiffin suggested replacing both arms instead of just one.  Our insurance company is fine with that so I ordered two replacement arms last week and they showed up yesterday afternoon.  We have an appointment with Stewart’s Mobile RV service next week.  They are sending two guys to our site to do the installation.

Chris & I have both been absorbed with the Downton Abbey TV series from England.  We’ve now watched all of Season 1 on Netflix and have a free week to watch Seasons 2 & 3 on Hulu Plus.  Don’t think Hulu Plus is available in Canada but it certainly works fine on our Apple TV in Phaeton Place.