Okay…..who turned off the furnace in Florida?  The sun was out yesterday but we had a north wind (blame it on Canada) which kept things rather brisk for most of the day.  We even dipped down into the upper 30sF last night for the second or third time so far this winter!  Sweat pants were the order of dress for the evening and even Teddy found it a little chilly when he decided to go for an unscheduled walk at 2 am this morning.  It sure didn’t take him long to burrow under the covers once he got back inside the motorhome.  Looks like we’ll be on the cool side for a day or two but I’m sure we’ll survive just fine.

Margaretsville Lighthouse

Margaretsville, Nova Scotia Lighthouse

The above lighthouse is located about 30 minutes away from where Chris’s parents live in Nova Scotia and is a favourite photo op for me whenever we visit.  We’ll be heading back to Nova Scotia again in June to help celebrate her father’s 80th birthday and we’ll be bringing a certain lighthouse photo along as a puzzle, one of her dad’s favourite past times.  I ordered it online last week and expect to have it sometime next week.  Can’t wait to see how this shot looks as a puzzle


Following the BirdAsArt Tampa Seminar last weekend, I’ve decided to go back over some of my older photos to see if there are any photos I might salvage compositionally and also tweak a little in Photoshop CS6. The above photo of a razorbill auk was taken at RSPB Bempton near Flamborough in East Yorkshire on our last visit there in June 2012.  The razorbill is a water bird that nests in the huge chalk cliffs overlooking the North Sea.  RSPB Bempton offers some great views of many cliff dwelling birds.  This exposure was particularly difficult because of the black and white colours of the bird but the white chalk cliffs in the background made getting the correct exposure even more challenging.  I spent a bit of time working on a new transparent watermark for my photos as well.  This watermark allows the colours in the photograph to show through the letters while still letting me mark my photos as subtly as possible.