Heartland Games Pickleball

Chris & I have both been really busy this past week. We don't usually play in too many pickleball tournaments for a variety of reasons, but mainly because we don't get to play together that often as a couple. Chris and her partner, Ellen Nesbitt, entered in the ladies doubles on Friday and won a bronze medal! I didn't play men's doubles because I couldn't find a partner in my age category. Most teams seem to be well established and it is difficult to find a partner when we are only south for six months, but who knows, perhaps next year. So I was a spectator all day Friday and didn't even bring my camera along, deciding to focus more on the games than the photography (pun intended). Chris & I entered the Mixed Doubles age 55-59 category for Saturday's play and did quite well. We even managed to come away with a silver medal! We played 10 games all together and were pooped by the time we got into the final match against Johnny McKinney and Debbie Yandell, both from Tanglewood. We gave them a run for their money the first game but lost two straight games to give them the well deserved gold medal win. Hoping we'll be back at it again next year.

We saw many familiar faces at the games including Stan & Sally Michalski, Keith & Marie Richards, Lou & Carol Hands, Joe & Cis Way and many others. The weather was cool to start the day but warmed up nicely as the day progressed. Now don't you just love that smile! My thanks to Tony Galic for taking these fine photos.