Slithering at Tanglewood

Imagine the excitement on Elephant Walk the other day when one of our neighbors found this huge Diamondback Rattle Snake munching on a freshly killed young rabbit.  The body of the snake was easily as thick as my forearm and the entire snake measured about 5 feet in length.  The tail had ten rattles on it and the consensus was Unfortunately, I got there a little later than most of the neighbors and not before someone killed the snake with a garden hoe.  They severed the head with the hoe but the body of the snake continued writhing for at least an hour afterwards.  There was talk of taking the carcass to a taxidermist but I’m not sure if that has happened yet or not.  Either way it was pretty exciting but too bad the snake was killed.

Tanglewood’s Outback area is clearing out quite a bit as some people start heading home for Easter.  Our weather has turned cold again these past few days as a northwest wind seems to blow during the day.  Everyone has pulled in their awnings in order to prevent unnecessary wind damage.  We are still into the high 60sF during the day, so that is a bit of a relief from the 88F high and 65-70F we have had until now.  Still no snow here though!  Chris & I played pickleball at Highlands Ridge on Sunday.  The wind blew very hard which always makes playing pickleball an adventure.  Still fun playing though even in the wind.  I found one more photo of recent silver medal win that I forgot to include in my previous post.  Including it here now.