Getting Ready to Hit The Road

We are slowly coming to the realization that our days here at Tanglewood are numbered.  Since the beginning of April, we have seen quite a few RVs pack up and hit the road.  Likewise, seasonal homeowners in Tanglewood are also packing up and heading to their summer homes.  Of course Phaeton Place is our home all year round so getting things ready for our return trip north is a bit more involved than simply packing up a car and heading out.  I washed Phaeton Place when we arrived here in early November but haven’t washed it again since then.  We’ve enjoyed a marvelous winter with very little rain so the outside of PP wasn’t in too bad a shape.  However, I did crawl up on the roof with our power sprayer and wash brush to give the roof  and slide toppers a good cleaning.  After that is was on to the sides of PP.  I tackled the driver’s side first as it was still in the shade.  I left the passenger side until later in the afternoon when the sun had moved over to the driver’s side.  Pretty simple cleaning strategy really.  Spray a section with the power sprayer and then use our wash brush with car wash soap and hot water to remove the heavy stuff.  Rinse with power sprayer and repeat until the entire coach is done.  Surprisingly, there was very little water spotting either.  Chris tackled the inside of the motorhome with gusto and before the end of the day we had PP looking pretty spiffy inside and out.

With many of our friends getting ready to leave, Chris & I thought it was a great time to update our business card info.  We’ve always really liked the sunrise photo at the top of this post.  I think I took it last winter while we stayed at TT Orlando.  Using Avery Labels’ online templates, I put together the business card you see above (phone numbers and email addresses cloned out for the purposes of this blog post).  I picked up a package of Avery White Business Cards 28371 at Walmart yesterday.  Each sheet holds ten business cards and is compatible with a host of printers on the market today.  Our 4 year old HP Photosmart printer/scanner cranked out three pages of perfect business cards for us to start handing out before we go.  We like the way the card turned out and have received a lot of positive comments about it.

Regular readers may recall that we had some difficulties with our Verizon mifi last November.  So much so in fact that we suspended our account for the winter and relied on a Comcast cable connection into Phaeton Place.  Verizon’s signal in the Sebring area back in November was abysmal and even with a brand new replacement Verizon Mifi 4620L, we just couldn’t get a good 3G signal.  At the time, 4G LTE was a pipe dream.  Well fast forward about 5 months and I cranked up the Mifi once again because the vacation stop had just expired.  I was very surprised to see a solid Verizon 4G LTE 3 bar signal!  Seems like Verizon has been spending some money updating their towers in the Sebring area at long last.  Our Wilson Sleek 4G-V amplifier bumps the Verizon signal nicely too.  I spent an hour or so up on the roof yesterday morning installing a 21″ Omni RV Antenna which 3G Store promises will do a good job at keeping our internet connection far into the black.  The install was pretty actually.  I had to cut away some of the Dicor self leveling sealer around the base of our old antenna before removing it and all the coax cable completely.  From there I fished a metal coat hangar up through the ceiling in our entertainment and through the same hole on the roof used for the old antenna.  Then it was a simple matter of taping the coax cable from the new antenna onto the coat hangar before pulling the coat hangar down from inside, bringing the new antenna’s coax cable inside the motorhome.  Back up on the roof one more time to apply a liberal amount of Dicor sealer around the new cable where it enters the motorhome and the job is done!  It’s been bucketing down with rain most of the last night and all day today and not a drop has made it through into our entertainment center, so I’m pretty pleased with that.

Our friends, Tony & Christine, are having a few items on their motorhome looked at up at Lazydays.  Once they get back into Tanglewood, we’ll have a better idea of our exit strategy from Florida.