Hello Canada…..It’s Been A While……


Boy……it's seems all we have been doing lately is driving, driving and driving some more. Our weather all the way back was just excellent until after we crossed the border at Alexandria Bay. Traffic was very light from southern Virginia until we hit the Harrisburg/Carlisle area on the way into TT Hershey on Saturday night. We stayed over for just one night before continuing on. TT Hershey is in nice shape but Tony & Christine did have trouble leveling in C section near the Pickleball courts and the swimming pool. We figured out manual leveling and were all set for one night. Tony & I stayed behind with the dogs while the girls popped into Hershey for a look around. They came back with a good supply of chocolate kisses. Tony & I walked the Doha around the perimeter of TT Hershey. Lots of cherry blossoms out as can be seen in Tony's photo of Teddy & I checking out the blossoms. We had a heat picnic supper before turning in for some badly needed rest.

We hit the road just after 8 am heading for the border crossing. We've been RVing since 2007 and have crossed the border in both directions without any serious delays……until today. Our motorhome was selected for a detailed secondary inspection which involved parking, putting out all our slides and opening our storage bays. The search lasted about 45 minutes and the CBSA staff involved were very pleasant to deal and professional in doing this jobs. There was some discussion about my camera equipment and we all agreed it would be best for me to register all my gear before heading south next winter, just to avoid any delays coming back into Canada in the future.

We checked in late at Rideau Acres Campground in Kingston and the office closed and then left before the office opened this morning so I'll call them back later today to pay for our site. We fueled up at Flying J in Napanee, ON on our way into Bowmanville, ON where Armand will adjust our Datastorm dish and properly tune our Shaw satellite signal for maximum reception. We had trouble getting all our channels this past winter and I'm hopeful a minor adjustment will resolve matters once and for all. Tony & Christine are having Shaw installed in their coach while we are in Bowmanville too.

Hoping we'll be on the road to Waterloo this afternoon if all goes well. If not, we'll overnight here and head on to Waterloo tomorrow morning.