On The Road Again……

We had a great time at Fort Wilderness but unfortunately had to push on for points north on Sunday morning. What a zoo it was too as Fort Wilderness emptied out. There must have been a couple of hundred RVs packing up and exiting, all at the same time. We couldn't connect our toads until we got in to the unhook/hook up pullouts on the main road in and out of Fort Wilderness and getting back into the steady stream of exiting traffic once we were hooked up took a little work. But we managed and were soon on our way east on I-4 and then north on I-95 to St Augustine for a couple of nights.

We usually stay at Stagecoach RV Resort in St Augustine but they were full up so we opted for Indian Forest Campground on SR 207. A nice campground with a Good Sam discount too. The weather was terrible for the two days we stayed. It rained several times and we had grey skies for our walk at Crescent Beach but it was still warm enough. The ladies hit the Outlet stores in town as well and we even found a Barnes & Nobles for some reading material. Tony & I were going to try shooting some birds at the Alligator Farm rookery but ski were really grey so we passed.


We left St Augustine and headed for Hilton Head Island, SC this morning. It is still chilly up in Canada right now so we are taking our time heading back. Figured we'd start our drive north with a few short bursts before going longer as we get up into Virginia. The sun was out all day today and we had an uneventful drive to Hilton Head Harbor RV Resort & Marina. We are only staying one night before pushing on to Myrtle Beach in the morning for two nights at Ocean Lakes Campground. Hilton Head Harbor is very nice and operates much like Riverbend Motorcoach Resort. All lots are privately owned and in a rental pool if not occupied by the owner. We chose two lots near the marina and enjoyed a nice supper outside before Tony & I tried getting some sunset photos.


Today's photos are all from my iPhone 5. On to Myrtle Beach in the morning.