Riverbend Motorcoach Resort


We packed up our things in Sebring on Tuesday morning and stowed the last of what we wanted to leave in our shed on our new site for next year. We also helped out a neighbour by storing some of their patio furniture as well. We had extra room and thought why not. Chris went for her last hair appointment and also managed to fit in a manicure and pedicure before I picked her up around 1 pm. I had Phaeton Place pretty well all ready to go with the slides in and storage bays all locked. The only thing we had to do was raise our jacks and stow the power cord. Turns out our inverter isn't kicking in as it should if we lose or disconnect shore power. We've had this problem ever since McPhail's in Harriston, ON installed a new transfer switch before we headed south last winter. They left our coach unplugged for two days which drained our batteries. A call to Tiffin service before we entered the USA on Nov 1st remedied the problem for a time but the problem is back again or so it seems.

We left Sebring along with Tony & Christine with both coaches headed for Riverbend Motorcoach Resort near La Belle, FL. The drive took less than 90 minutes and it wasn't long before both coaches were all set up in their new surroundings for the next five days. Many coaches have already left Riverbend but their still seems to be quite a few people in the park. Our site is a very nice totally paved drive in site overlooking one of the many s. There is a huge paved pad on which we could probably park two Motorhomes side by side with cars behind. There is also a finished coach house on site with fridge, sink, washer, dryer, shower and toilet. Perfect for guests.

The four of us enjoyed a wonderful supper outside on the patio on our first night followed by a nice evening walk around the park with our four legged friends in tow. Teddy eyeballed an armadillo but wasn't sure what it was or what to do with it. There are certainly lots of new smells, places and other dogs for him to check out.

The four of us headed to Boca Raton for the day today. After a little business for Tony & Christine, we drove up to Delray Beach for a wonderful patio lunch at Luna Rosa on Hwy A1A. We all had fish and it was fabulous. We continued north on Hwy A1A to West Palm Beach ogling all the mansions overlooking the beach and Atlantic Ocean. Once we got up to West Palm Beach, we turned inland and headed back to La Belle. A quick stop at Starbucks where I took the wheel all the way home. Love driving their Grand Cherokee. Apparently there is a diesel version coming out in 2014. Hmmmmm………maybe!

Our Verizon mifi is doing well here. We have a new antenna on the roof which is hooked up to our Wilson Sleek amplifier. 5 bars of 4G signal humming right along without a hiccup so far.