Spring Time in Waterloo


We checked the weather in southern Ontario quite often while in Florida and as recently as a week or two, it didn't look like spring was ever go to arrive before we headed back to Canada. We had a great week or ten days loafing around northern Florida and the beaches in South Carolina trying to hold off going back until we absolutely had to. As we drove through northern New York we could see many of the trees had not yet blossomed. Trees in Pennsylvania on the other we really popping out. Crossing the border yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised by the mild weather and it looks like we'll have some nice temperatures for our first week back at Green Acre Park. I'm including a couple of screen shots from a weather app on my iPad so everyone can see that we really do have a spring temps in Canada.


There's been quite a lot of activity in the park since we left in late October. We are on Dale & Sheila's old site from last year so just one site over from last year. We met our new neighbour, Audrey, who is on our old site with a brand new fifth wheel. Our neighbours across the street, Frank & Diane, were out to meet us as we drove in last night and Diane was so very thoughtful too when she gave us a dish of freshly made cabbage rolls for supper. Thanks so much Diane!

Forgot to include this photo of us parked at Cracker Barrel in Winchester, VA. There were about 8 RV sites and only three rigs there for the one night. Generally, we prefer staying at Cracker Barrels instead of Walmarts mainly because they are less noisey and we also like their menu. We usually call ahead to let them know we are enroute and have never been turned down from staying overnight.