Cool and Wet in Waterloo

We’ve had marvelous weather since arriving back in Ontario at the end of April.  Today is the first day of cold and rain we’ve experienced since our return to Canada.  Days like this has us wishing we were still on the beaches of South Carolina.  Chris & Teddy sure enjoyed playing in the surf at Myrtle Beach, SC.  Still, when we came back to Waterloo last April, we had nothing but cold and rain for about two weeks, so I guess this year has seen an improvement of sorts.

Chris has been working on her nutrition course trying to complete another module or two before we head for Nova Scotia next week.  I’ve got Phaeton Place all set for our month away.  We’ll pull in our slides and disconnect everything except electricity.  This will be the first time we’ve left PP empty for any amount of time since we went to England in 2011.  I called Don Boyd at Tiffin yesterday just for clarification on what to leave on and what to turn off.  More of a refresher course than anything else.  His suggestion is to unplug everything except electricity and to not bother turning off the house batteries or the 12 volt disconnect.  Pretty sure that’s all we did before too.

The staff at Green Acre Park are still hopping.  Aside from the usual sprucing up of the grounds, etc that occurs every spring, we noticed that several more of the old park model homes have been moved off sites to make way for motorhomes and fifth wheels staying on a seasonal basis.  The owner is hard at work expanding his storage area as well as seen in the above photo.  Looks like the community garden plot is being moved to somewhere closer to Beaver Creek Road and the storage area will at least double in size.  I stood and watched the shovel operator at work for about 20 minutes yesterday morning while out for my morning walk with Teddy.  It was pretty impressive to see him using the shovel while moving the tracks at the same time.  Almost like it was another arm or leg on his body.  Obviously years of experience at work there!

Another sign of spring and the warm weather is the arrival of the fiddleheads.  I grabbed this shot with my iPhone while walking Teddy the other day.  Things are certainly greening up nicely.