.%#*+ Day

As Jim Rankin so often says when poor weather surrounds us……”Crap Day!” It is Cold here right now. We've had grey skies, blue skies, sunshine, wind, rain and snow today. Temps are barely above freezing and Chris says its time to go home to Florida! She is after all a sunshine girl! Looks like we have one more day of this as well so we're hoping the drive up to Kincardine & Hanover on Monday will be an easy one. One never knows when storms come in off Lake Huron. We've spent the day inside catching up on last minute things while watching a few movies on Netflix. Chris has another module done on her nutrition course and ready to mail in tomorrow.

Friends of ours in Florida, Doug & Jo, lent us their soft sided cooler for a few trips to Sam's Club over the winter. We liked the cooler so much we popped in to Canadian Tire the other day and bought one for our trip to Nova Scotia. We were a little disappointed that the AC adapter was not included in the price of the Mobicool soft sided cooler but what can you do. At least this way we can have it plugged in to the cigarette lighter of our Vue while driving and then also be able to plug in to an outlet at our hotels on the way east.

I also managed to find a sweet deal on XM radio for our stock satellite radio in our Vue. I called XM to ask how much it would cost to add the Vue to the XM account which we use in Phaeton Place. They wanted $155 for a one year account! I politely declined and told them I'd make do without. However not to be denied, I set about looking for online discount coupons last night once we got home. It took all of 10 minutes to find a list of discount codes. I eventually settled on a three month subscription for our Vue for a grand total of $20.20 with no automatic renewal. I'm thinking that's a sweet deal and we'll have tunes all the way to Nova Scotia and back and then some.

So tomorrow morning we hit the road for Nova Scotia after a brief stop in Hanover and Ottawa. Looks like the weather will be improving as early as Wednesday too so hoping we'll be back in shorts and sandals soon.