Heading for Nova Scotia

We buttoned up Phaeton Place on Monday morning and headed for Hanover via Ripley, ON. We stopped in to see Isabel at Park Manor in Ripley. She looked wonderful and really likes being where she is. From there is was on to Hanover to spend a wonderful night with John & Karen. Their new kitchen is really nice. We enjoyed supper at the kitchen table before settling in to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs lose game 7 against Boston in overtime. How on earth did they blow a 4-1 lead half way through the third period? Chris was heartbroken Leaf fan. We are now both rooting for the Ottawa Senators, the only Canadian team still alive in the NHL playoffs.

Tuesday was a long drive to Ottawa to look after medical and dental appointments. Teddy also got spruced up at the groomers next to our dentist office. We also popped in to see our financial advisor who confirmed our investments are doing fine. He also gave his blessing to our moving up to a new 2014 Allegro Bus should we find one we like. We've been looking for a month or so and almost had a deal done with North Trail RV in Fort Myers before we came back. We are also checking with Lazydays in Tampa and McPhail's in Harriston, ON about ordering exactly what we want. McPhail's has a 2013 45LP in stock but it doesn't have exactly what we want in it.

Tuesday evening was the highlight of our stopover in Ottawa as we joined our friends Jag and Bev for supper at Boston Pizza. We haven't seen them for over a year and it was great to catch up with each other. Jag did inform me that the south shore toll bypass around Montreal was now officially open to traffic so planned to follow that route instead of putting up with the usual chaos through downtown which always seems to be more of a huge parking lot than anything else.

Thursday morning we were on the road before 9 am heading east. We followed the signage for Hwy 30 to the south shore around Montreal and are very impressed with the highway. The toll was only $1.50 for the entire thing. Not sure how much they charge per axle for trucks and RVs though. We inadvertently got into the credit card only lane at the toll booth and it couldn't accept my credit card. Something wrong with the machine I guess. Thankfully, an attendant from the neighboring cash only booth. Came over and took $1.50 cash from us and sent us on our way.

Other than a fuel and lunch stop at La Pocatiere, we just kept motoring all the way to the Days Inn in Edmundston, NB for last night. Teddy travels very well but he was glad to have a walk and some play time after supper at the nearby Esso station restaurant. It's been cold and rainy for much of our trip but shorts and sandals are still the most comfortable clothing for us to wear in the car while driving. Of course, I did have to throw on a sweater while fueling up yesterday though. I drove the entire way to Edmundston and Chris will drive us as far Wendy's place in Salisbury, NB. From there it should be an easy drive on into Greenwood, NS on Saturday. Neither of us knew it was a holiday weekend in Canada this weekend but so far traffic has been fairly light. Of course has prices have spiked for the long weekend


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  1. Trey May 31, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

    Nova Scotia should definetely be a great destination. I have a few friends who’ve camped up there and said it was breathtaking and relaxing. I hope you enjoy!!

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