Back into Ontario

We had an uneventful drive back to Waterloo from Drummondville. We again chose to bypass the usual traffic chaos Hwy 20 through downtown Montreal brings by following the recently completed Hwy 30 bypass along the south shore instead. It was a much more pleasant drive and got us in to Ingleside, ON to see Doug & Joe, our Tanglewood friends well before our expected noon time arrival. We had a very enjoyable visit and a simply superb lunch before pushing on towards Waterloo. Doug & Joe have a lovely home and we very much appreciated an invitation to stop in on our way through. Teddy enjoyed exploring their back yard and harassing a few birds if they got too close to him as well. See you both in November in Tanglewood, if not sooner.

It seems Hwy 401 through Toronto is always a crap shoot at any time of day but particularly at rush hour. Chris drove for a couple of hours when we left Ingleside while I dozed off in the passenger seat. We stopped at a Service Ontario centre along the 401 somewhere near Oshawa I think to give Teddy a run and then switched positions for the final push. As expected traffic slowed to a crawl near the airport but only for about ten minutes or so and we were soon back to highway speeds all the way back into Waterloo. We arrived back at Phaeton Place just after 7 pm and were warmly greeted by our neighbours. We were both exhausted and quickly opened up the motorhome slides and turned our water back on. Phaeton Place survived a month alone and we were very glad to be back home. Everything is ship shape and it is indeed wonderful to again be sleeping in our own bed and be surrounded by our own stuff.


Chris and I didn't get to sit still for too long though as we soon were on our way to visit Matt & Sarah in Camp Borden near Barrie, ON. She and Sarah were off to Edmonton to attend Sarah's university graduation. They used a few air miles to get some tickets and a rental car for the quick two day trip. Chris drove to Camp Borden (remember this) and Sarah pulled into the driveway minutes after we did. Talk about good timing! After quick hugs Chris went in the house to pay a visit while I unloaded the car. We enjoyed a wonderful supper featuring Vietnamese spring rolls made with ground turkey and veggies. It was all very yummy! I borrowed the above photo from the Internet but you get the idea.

We took Teddy for a long walk after supper and then watched a movie before turning in. My last duty of the day was taking Teddy out to do his business before bedtime. I noticed the Vue was still unlocked and locked it up using the power locks on the driver's door. Next morning Matt headed off to work in his car, the girls headed for Toronto airport in Sarah's car and I got ready to head for Hanover. Wasn't I surprised to find no car keys for the Vue. I hunted high and low for them but to no avail. Perhaps I left them in our now “locked” Vue. Sure enough the keys were still in the ignition. I didn't think the doors would lock with the keys still in the ignition but apparently they do. Now I'm kicking myself for being so silly for leaving the keys in the ignition and also locking the keys in the car. A quick call to CAA though and after a thirty minute wait for the tow truck and it wasn't long, about ten seconds, for him to get into my car. Of course I'm texting Chris while waiting for the tow truck and she's teasing me mercilessly for leaving the keys in the ignition. So I get to thinking……hmmm……”I” don't remember leaving the keys in the ignition. And then of course it hits me….”I” didn't leave them in the ignition…….”SHE” did! Now to be fair, Chris did admit to leaving the keys in the ignition and apologized for this oversight but when you gotta go, you gotta go and she did exit the car very quickly. Oddly enough though it seems I should accept some responsibility for not checking the ignition before locking the doors. Next time I will! Love you babe!

The Graduate!