Heading Home Soon…….

The wet weather continues it seems….. It's mild enough outside just damp. Teddy and Heidi are getting used to being towel dried after their daily walks through the woods nearby. Teddy doesn't mind it because his used to it but Heidi isn't too particular about being roughed up inside a towel before being let back in the house. The storage area of our Vue is usually the drying area.


We continue to make regular trips to a retirement home in Bridgetown to see Chris's mother. We were there yesterday and got to hear a local singing group called “The Grandparents” perform for all the residents for about an hour. Lots of local flavor and hymns included for everyone to sing along with. Some of the seniors were right into it while others hardly noticed what was going on around them. It's all very sad to see loved ones aging at times.


A few more photos today from our trip to Annapolis Royal last week. Port Royal lighthouse was particularly interesting because the light beacon itself was actually functioning. Many of the lighthouses in Nova Scotia are currently under review by the provincial government. It remains to be determined if the government will continue to fund these Maritime icons or try to privatize them. It seems that upkeep of many of the lighthouses has been taken over by various community groups. We stopped quite some distance away on the side of the road to get this shot. Please note the wet pavement.


We were disappointed by yesterday's poor weather for Armed Forces Day. It poured for much of the day so we never even bothered going into CFB Greenwood to see the marching bands and static displays. I wanted to get up close to some of the helicopters and the Lockheed CP-140, Aurora, coastal patrol aircraft which are based here. The RCAF Snowbirds were also here and scheduled to perform yesterday evening but the ceiling was too low for any aircraft to fly unfortunately. We did see three of them take off in formation in the rain this morning. It didn't take long for them disappear into the low clouds and rain. I did manage to get this shot of an Aurora as it banked over Chris's parents home shortly after take off one day last week.

We plan to start heading back to Ontario on Saturday morning with planned stops in Fredericton and Drummondville before getting back to Waterloo sometime Monday afternoon most likely. The weather forecast for our departure…….sunshine! Well you know it had to come out sooner or later.