Happy Birthday, Chris

CFNS Radio circa 1974


Today is Chris's birthday! She has finally caught up to me in age if for only a few months. We had a very enjoyable day of celebration for her big day. I slipped a Cash For Life lottery ticket into her birthday card but unfortunately there was no big pay off. She did appreciate the nice card though. We took Teddy for a shorter walk than usual this morning because rain was threatening…..again. Grooming on the picnic table for Teddy once we got back home. The rain actually held off. He was getting to be a hairy little monster so we took 30 minutes to give him a nice trim. The above photo brings back lots of memories because we both worked at the radio station at CFB Baden in Germany back in the mid 70s. Lots of fun times there for sure. I also remember the top Chris is wearing in this photo. It was a gift from me after a visit to Rimini, Italy. Thanks Sarah for the photo. I nicked it from your Facebook page and touched it up a bit in Snapseed on my iPad.

At noon I had to pop over to pick up Chris's fruit basket from Edible Arrangements. Diane came over from across the street to help us polish off this beautiful fruit for lunch. We spent an enjoyable hour at Chapters this afternoon over Starbucks coffee and then after a bit of shopping settled on Boston Pizza for supper. Needless to say we have leftovers too.

I took this last photo of Chris & Teddy on the dock in Margaretsville, Nova Scotia last month as the sun was setting. It's one of my favourite shots. You haven't changed a bit dear.