Our New Baby!


2013 Allegro Bus 45 LP

Our apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks but its been a busy few weeks for us. In early April we visited North Trail RV in Fort Myers, FL and toured through some Allegro Bus 45LPs they had on hand. If we had had a few more weeks before beginning the return trip north, we may have been able to make the deal then but neither of us felt comfortable rushing things, so we left empty handed. We both really liked the floor plan and build of the Allegro Bus 45LP and were surprised to see a brand new one sitting at McPhail's of Harriston. We popped by to see this unit before heading for Nova Scotia in May and were impressed with it but we had a lot on our plate over the next 6 weeks so passed again. I'll admit I did check their online inventory from time to time while we were in Nova Scotia though to see if it was still there. We also knew the new 2014 model of this Tiffin coach was just coming into production with some options that this one did not have: bigger TVs, in floor heat, air leveling and a few other things, including a higher price tag too. So once we got back from Nova Scotia we decided to go up to McPhail's one more time ….. just to see it again. The owner, Paul McPhail gave us a great tour of the unit and also let us have a good look at the double awning system. We did the kick the tire thing and then sat in the 45LP and discussed price with our trade in. We agreed on a price which included transferring a number of upgraded systems we had added to Phaeton Place over the years at no extra cost. This included a zero clearance recliner we bought last winter in Florida, Tyron rings in our front wheels, Progressive Industries surge protector, two solar panels, a second storage tray and a few other items. We are also leaving our Datastorm dish with Phaeton Place and having a new motorized dish for Shaw Direct installed on the Bus. We pick up our new baby on Friday and will likely spend the weekend at McPhail's moving everything over from Phaeton Place. Expect more photos once we get settled in.

We still have the two euro recliners and foot stools that came with Phaeton Place in storage along with the two extra dinette chairs. Sarah & Matt will pick up the one recliner from Nova Scotia later this month and Sarah is bringing the other recliner down from their place in Camp Borden on Friday. We are heading to Milton today to meet our friend Christine for lunch. She is lending us her Tyron tool kit which is required to remove the Tyron rings from Phaeton Place. Surprisingly, we never received a kit when we had the Tyron rings installed at Lazydays in May 2009.



  1. Rose July 18, 2013 at 9:22 am #

    Congratulations to you and Chris, like all babies she is beautiful, personally I like “The Bus Stop” or “The Bus Stops here” but that of course is your decision either way you keep writing and I will keep reading looking forward to her new name. Wishing you both many happy miles down the road.


  2. C & L North July 17, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

    Congrats on the new rig, looks great. Sounds like they were good to work with, adding all the extras you had on your Phaeton. Have you given any thought to your new name, Phaeton Place just doesn’t work as well, huh?

    I suppose if we want to see it we would have to go to Florida this winter or are you planning on heading West?

    Thanks Chuck

    • Mark July 18, 2013 at 8:10 am #

      Hi Chuck.

      Thanks for dropping us a line. We already have a seasonal site booked for Florida this winter. Planning on touring the Maritimes & Nfld next summer and then following Route 66 south before eventually winding up in Arizona or southern California again during the winter of 2014/2015.

      We are mulling over new names because obviously Phaeton Place doesn’t really fit anymore. It gets a little cumbersome though because I have to redo our website and get a new sign for the dash as well!

      Hope you guys are doing well and are having a great summer. I expect you are back up in WA?