Our New Home at Green Acre Park


We pulled out of McPhail's of Harriston on Monday afternoon for the short drive back to Green Acre Park in Waterloo, Ontario. Our PDI went well for the most part but we did have a few things that required adjusting. The blank on the passenger side roof between our two paramount awnings wasn't sitting quite level so Kyle, our tech, sorted that out. A few other small things like lubing all the storage bay locks as well as the contacts for remote lock on the door and we were pretty well set to hit the road. It was a very hectic weekend for us as it took basically all weekend to get moved out of Phaeton Place.



We are still sorting out how best to store some items in our new bus. There is lots of storage but the storage isn't always in the same place as it was on our Phaeton so we are jockeying things about to see what works best. We are thankful that our Bus did not come with the extra freezer in our storage bays because we can use all that room to store other items. Our new Maytag fridge seems plenty big enough for our needs and we are really enjoying having the water & ice on the outside door.



We need to pick up a few extra storage boxes for our closet at the rear of the Bus and have been looking at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Storage Solutions and Walmart. We find it easier to have items stored in boxes as it makes it easier to grab when it's in a box instead of just piled into a drawer or on a shelf. It's also safer to use boxes in the event we have to brake or turn suddenly while driving. Items are much less prone to scatter about.

I've managed to get our Apple TV wired up to the TV over our fireplace. We watched a movie on Netflix the other day and really like the bigger picture. The Panasonic TVs on our Bus are all smart TVs which include Netflix but we prefer the on screen format Netflix gives us on the Apple TV over that of the smart TVs. Not sure why,probably that we are just used to Apple TV. Hoping to get our Wii hooked up to our front TV today. It may take a little work though because I'll have to fish the power cord around the back of the TV in order to reach the power outlet in the right overhead cabinet above the dash. Thinking the Wii can go in the left overhead cabinet. If anyone has any other thoughts, please advise.



  1. Ruth July 28, 2013 at 4:29 am #

    Thanks for the pics. It’s beautiful and looks so roomy. It’s so hard to decide where you want to put things. I am still ‘readjusting’ in ours. Poor Ken, just when he thinks he knows where things are, I change them all around again.

    • Mark July 28, 2013 at 6:22 am #

      Chris plays that game too! Just when I figure out where everything is, she moves things around again. It always good for a laugh when I try to find something.