Frank & Diane Photo Session


Frank & Diane

We’ve stayed at Green Acre Park for the past two summers and have really enjoyed it here.  We are close to family and have made new friends here as well.  Frank & Diane are our neighbours across the street and we have become quite close over the last two years.  Lots of dinners and coffees together throughout the summer.  They even let me borrow their lawn mower from time to time so I can keep our lot looking nice.  They both really love looking after Teddy for a few hours while we are out shopping, etc.  Frank is quite the banjo player and I promised myself I’d get some shots of him playing on his porch one day.  Diane asked me to take some more formal shots of the two them while we were here last summer and for a variety of reasons we just couldn’t connect, even though they live right across the street.  When we arrived back here in May, I reassured her that we would definitely get some nice photos this summer.   As it turns out, they had a family wedding to attend on the August long weekend which also gave me a chance to take some photos in the garden here at Green Acre Park.


I printed a bunch of copies at Walmart Photo Centre using the online store and a discount code to give them fifteen free 4″ x 6″ photos.  They are also going to order some bigger shots suitable for framing and hanging on the wall in their RV.  I played around with my camera and flash while Frank was out playing his banjo as well.  I stuck with on camera flash which gave some good results but I’m not happy with the distracting background so I hope to get back there for a few off camera flash shots.  I’m going to try and render the background completely black and use the flash just to illuminate Frank and his banjo.  It may have to wait until we get back from England though.O'Brien-0793