Halloween in August


The highlight of our day yesterday at Green Acre Park was the kids coming around trick or treating for an hour after supper. We planned for a hundred kids and got just about that number. We did manage to save a few Coffee Crisp and Lays Regular Potato Chip bags for ourselves though. ;) The park must have told the parents about Halloween in August when they registered because just about every child was in costume. These two witches had just woken from their naps before getting out trick or treating and weren't sure quite what to say when I asked if I could take their photo with my iPhone. Mom was standing just out of the shot and said it was alright.

This next image is my personal favourite. This young lady is quite a fierce looking Smurf and really hammed it up for my camera. We were killing ourselves laughing as she put on her best face. Trick or treat only lasted an hour (7-8 pm) and was a huge success. The park put on a kids movie in the outdoor pavilion afterwards which was also well attended.

Our Midland Weather Radio has finally given up the ghost. We get a high pitched squeal on all channels instead of any weather reports and according to this link, http://www.wxforum.net, that is indicative of a hooped radio. We bought it 3 years ago in Las Vegas and it served us well until the beginning of last year when this high pitched squeal began appearing. It was only $50 so we'll order another weather radio and have it delivered to Red Bay before we leave for Florida at the end of October.